Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Getting It Right

Sometimes my life sounds like one long summer vacation.

Today my sister called me on the phone on her way home from work (which sounds more and more fascinating since I've actually paid attention to what she's talking about).  She asked what I had done today.  I'll share here.  Today we:

Got Charlotte and Greg to school.

Ambled around the grocery store with Lee.

Played games with Lee at home while half heartedly picking some things up. (My house is a mess and I'm going to have serious cleaning up to do before my mom comes out next week.)

Had a very tasty lunch.  (Toasted English muffin spread with peanut butter topped with apple slices or as my sister calls them apple slivers and drizzled with a brown sugar, butter, cinnamon glaze with a side of cottage cheese.  Oh my it was good.)

Had friends over to play.

Made these bird feeders. They didn't exactly turn out for us because I think I put too much water in?  Or maybe we didn't wait long enough to put it into the mold?  The gelatin fell to the bottom and didn't really adhere the seeds very well.  Luckily I crazily bought a bulk bag of birdseed so now we can make them again, and again, and again...

Did a science experiment with water, air and fire (because who doesn't love fire?)

Ate dinner.

Went to bedtime stories at the library (and yes my kids went in their jammies, who wouldn't ya know?)

Lots and lots of days don't always feel fun.  They sort of feel like I'm getting it all wrong.  But then there are the sweet spots that truly do feel like a vacation.  Yeah for my life!

Monday, April 08, 2013


Well, today he's done it.  He was edging the line for a while now, but then today he took a flying leap over the edge.  He was toddling along holding a toy and then he tripped and fell over.  When I picked him up I found his first cut and bruised eye.

For the rest of the day I realized I was looking at the face of a toddler.  He plays peek-a-boo and laughs at his own jokes.  He lunges to wrestle with his dad, his brother, his sister, his mother.  He wrinkles his nose when he really wants to smile.  He is so grown up now.

He's my brave, fearless, reckless big boy.  But you know what he's not?  He's not a baby anymore.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Worst April Fools Joke

All around I see spring, but here Mother Nature played a cruel joke on us.  Sunny oh yes, sunny so that you think it's spring and you can go out for a walk, but then you step outside and your hands freeze to the stroller handles.

Tonight on the local news they said that the high for the day was colder than days in January and February.

Happy April!