Monday, February 27, 2006

One Year

The summer after fourth grade my family moved. I think this ended up being one of the best experiences I went through as a child, although at the time I didn't really like it. I can always hear my mom say, "Give it a year. Then it will feel like home." A year seems like a long time, but after a year you're no longer the new kid, you have friends and you know where everything is at school. Your bedroom actually feels like its yours, and the yard starts to grow in right.

Going to college was sort of the same thing--only I had forgotten about the "one year" rule. It was never until the second half of the school year that I finally felt at home in my new living situation. I guess I'm a little slower than others in that it took me until the second half of the school year to feel like I had friends wherever it was I was living (except of course for those that stayed with me the whole time.)

Transferring schools this year is yet another prime example of the "one year" situation. The whole first term I felt really bad about not being at BYU for my senior year, even though I agreed to it. I tried, with varying degrees of success to just deal with it and be happy. I realized this weekend that I finally feel as though I fit in at Oregon State. I have friends in my major that I study with and I know where to go for most things I need. Although I'm not going to graduate with a group of friends as close as my sister did, I do know people that I can sit by and talk to.

The kicker really is that I'm moving in just four months. After that who knows where I'll live? If we get into UW then I'll live in Pullman for less than a year and then in Seattle. At least in Seattle I will live there for about three years. I wonder if there's a way to speed up the "one year" rule?

Friday, February 24, 2006


I woke up at 6:30 AM this morning like I do almost every weekday. My mind was tired because it was working on my homework all night. I've had this happen as long as I can remember. When I go to bed with schoolwork yet to do, my mind churns with the thought of it. Even when I fall asleep the figures and statements still run through my head. I had a paper to write. This paper has been on my mind all week, but I haven't had time to do it because other homework assignments, and a midterm today to study for have been more pressing. It is due by 5 PM today. I was nervous I wouldn't get it done so I thought I'd just get up and go to the library to finish it right off. That's when I found out how different this morning would be.

This morning I was at the library at 7:30 AM, right when it opens. My walk surprised me because the sun was out. I saw all the flowers blooming on campus and I arrived at the library relatively free of stress. I checked out a laptop so I wouldn't have to be in the computer section which is always noisy because it's not a designated quiet area and inevitably I end up stuck next to someone that wants to chat on their cell phone for about an hour.

This morning I went up to the sixth floor. I think I was the first person on the sixth floor today. I found my way to the south east corner of the building, as far away from the entrance as you can get. It is there that I found my glory seat. It is quiet and I'm alone. I am sitting right now looking out onto the bluest sky I've seen this term. I saw the sun rise. The geese flew in their perfect v towards some unknown watery destination. The flag flying above city hall has gone from the rosy hues of the morning to the sharper image waving in the breeze. I enjoyed this while writing, but best of all I look apon this picturesque scene after having finished my paper. Yes, it's only 10AM and my paper is done. Abstract to conclusion.

Now as I sit and listen I hear the sounds of the day have started. There are big semi trucks roaring along the street below, motorcycles and cars rush up and down the street in their hurry to get where they need to go, and some other students have come up to the sixth floor to study. Their quiet page turning and pencil scratching can just be heard above the sound from the trucks below. I have much yet to do today, but I think I just might take this little moment to relax. Breathe deep. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Best and Worst

One of the best things about Oregon State is the huge amount of laptops they have at the checkout desk in the library that you can check out for a couple of hours like a book (only it has to stay in the library). All of them have wireless internet acess and are really nice. I think that's one of the best things about OSU.

One of the worst is that for some reason the people that planned the campus thought it would be a good idea to build the main campus downwind from the barns for the agricultural students. Also the agricultural students find it necessary to air out the barns about once a month and the campus smells like cow poo for 3 to 4 days.

Monday, February 20, 2006


My husband and I played some songs at the institute talent show. Banjo and fiddle. Now all these bluegrass people are coming out of the woodwork.

That night we talked to this other kid from the institute who knows about this little place in Gutherie that has a one room school house that is converted to a music hall. Every friday night people from all around just come together for a bluegrass jam session. All the musicians pull out their instruments and sit in a circle and take turns shouting out songs to play or even just start playing them. The other musicians join in and you're welcome to join in too. If you don't know a song you can just sit and watch everybody else play. There are other people that come and just listen and dance and generally have a good time. Everyone brings refreshments to eat and be eaten by others.

We went with our friend last Friday. I didn't bring my instrument because I'm a sissy and just wanted to see what it was like before jumping on in. I sat next to the gossip of the hall that goes every week and had a blast learning about her and just about everyone else in the room. There were so many different types of people, professors, plumbers, electricians, young couples, kids, and grandparents. I danced with a little 3 year old boy and also waltzed with an elderly gentleman. I even got in a little clogging on one of the songs. I have never been winked at so many times in one evening! It was great! I loved it!

So my question is who doesn't like this sort of thing? The lady I was talking to said that some wives of the musicians don't go because they don't like it. What's not to like? Just go and enjoy!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Take That!

So I'm taking this food formulation chemistry class where we take apart a juice beverage and analyze all the macro components and then eventually put all the information together to synthesize a formula for a replicate. So in this class we have TONS of extra reading to do and extra study to do. There was so much that I felt overwhelmed. In the first week of class I asked the the professor how important that extra reading was and he said, "You would need to do it if you want an A in the class or on the tests." Interpretation to my ears, "No." I decided not to do the extra reading. Because of this I studied the class notes really hard before the test and expected to get about a B on the test. Today I got it back from him and I got a 94.5% and he said, "I can really tell you studied Maggie." I said, "Yes I did," because I did study, just not the extra outside readings--and I still got an A! Take that!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On Another Note

Once a week for two weeks now I have been awakened at 5AM by the people living in the apartment above us having sex. Yes, that's right. They're not quick about it either. Their bed is so loud as to wake me up. Last night the bouncing went on for an hour! They really need a new bed. One that doesn't sound like small children jumping on a rusty trampoline.

Oh nuts!

Everytime we go grocery shopping we pass the aisle with the planter's honey roasted peanuts. I always make a comment about how much I love them, but we never get them because well they're just treats and we don't need them.

All day yesterday I was wondering what my Sweetie would get me after our two talks about presents. He's been so busy lately when would he even have time to get me anything? Well, he certainly does know me well! He had gone grocery shopping on his own! (A gift in and of itself.) And purchased me two types of cold cereal and honey roasted peanuts!

These presents may not seem like much to all of you readers out there, but considering our lack of money right now it almost made me cry. He really thought about getting me something! It was way better than candy, flowers, or anything else really. His presents are always winners!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I don't even Mind

Well it's Saturday. Do you know what that means? Yep! You guessed it! I'm studying in the library. Normally this would really bum me (and it sort of does), but I don't even really mind right now. These are the reasons why:
  • Yesterday my husband and I took half the day off and went up to the temple in Portland and picked up my Kitchenaid mixer from the shop and spent the afternoon together.
  • Also yesterday we played for the institute talent show. He played his banjo and I played the fiddle for "Cripple Creek" and "Cotton Eyed Joe." We rocked! Also we talked to a guy in the other ward that just got a mandolin for Christmas and next weekend we are going out to "The Grange" which is this old one room school house that people in this area get together and play bluegrass. I'm a little nervous about doing this as I'm not to confident in my fiddle abilities and I don't know any songs, but the kid said that the old people there are more than happy to help you learn the standard songs.
  • I cleaned my whole apartment on Thursday. Sort of a Spring clean type of thing as I also went through my closet to sort out the clothing that I no longer wear to give it to the goodwill. If I'm not wearing it then it really should go to help someone else. Normally I would give it to the ARC, but I don't know where one is or who to call to have it picked up so it's going to the goodwill.
  • I didn't study for my test on Monday all that much this week so I have to study to even think of passing it. This reminds me of when I was at BYU and would spend a Saturday studying organic chemistry for hours just to try and pass a test.
  • Nobody is in this library on Saturdays so I actually have a chance of finding a quiet place to study. Which I would normally have no hope of finding since there are only two designated quiet areas in the whole stinking library. The rest of the place people chat uninterrupted. It drives me nuts.
So all in all I'm not too bummed about having to study today. Plus I'm studying interesting stuff. All the components on how to formulate a juice beverage that matches one currently on the market. Its pretty cool.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Passion and Presents

My husband and I had a short talk the other day. It went a little something like this:

Me: "So are we going to get each other Valentine's presents or not?" (Sort of a negative tone in my voice meaning that it would be ok if he said no.)
Him: "Oh,"
Me: "I didn't figure we had the money to spend on that kind of thing."
Him: "Yeah."

That was the end of it. Or was it?

The more I thought about it the more I wanted a present. Not something huge, just maybe some flowers or something that says he loves me. Then I felt guilty because I wanted a present. We really don't have the money. I mean we could get by with spending a little, but it would probably be better spent on other frivilous things. Like food, and hot water.

So anyway the more I felt guilty the more I really secretly wanted a present. Then I thought that maybe he would be totally romantic and get me something anyway. (Katie's boyfriend is always doing that sort of thing for her! Maybe my husband will do that for me!) Then I came to reality and realized he's not really into presents. It isn't a big deal to him. He doesn't really care about me giving him a present, but he might just decide that I should get one. The more I thought about this idea the more I liked it. It lifted my spirits! I was loving him more already! Until I realized that although he may have spontaneously decided to get me a present for Valentine's before our talk, after there was no way he would do it. I realized that pretending he might do it would just set me up for failure and make him really mad because we had already agreed on no presents. So here I am, wanting a present, feeling guilty, and now depressed that my husband wont be so romantic and get me something anyway.

Yesterday I decided something that I consider very mature of me. I decided to stop all the fallderall and just tell him that I really do want a present, no matter how selfish it sounds. The conversation went like this.

Me: "I know we said no presents, but I actually would like something."
Him: "Ok"
Me: "I know we don't have a lot of money to spend so it can be really little. Like less than $5. Just so that its something. Do you want anything?"
Him: "Not really"

The differences between the two of us are rather amusing sometimes.

Friday, February 03, 2006

100 %

I made myself a goal on the second week of school this term. That goal was to have 100% attendance for one week of class. That means going to all my classes. This may not seem like a big goal to many of you (my sister), but for me it is. When I have deemed something not necessary I have a very hard time actually going. Like today for example, my recitation was going over a homwork set we turned in last week. I got a 100% on the homework set so going over all the questions again is not necessary.

It is now the fourth week of the term. Up until now I have not reached my goal. One week I got a migraine in the middle and the other well, I sort of forgot I was taking one of my classes. This week I decdied it was my week to shine. Today was almost my downfall. I stayed up pretty late studying last night for a test today and I was incredibly tired. I didn't want to go to my recitation because I felt my time would be better spent sleeping. As a motivational tool I told myself that if I finally reached my goal of 100% attendance I would make some homemade brownies tonight as a treat. YEAH for me! I just went to my final class of the week (in which we took a test so its not like that was an option). Now I get to have some brownies! When I told my husband he said, "Does having 100% attendance for four weeks earn me some brownies?" I told him no because 100% attendance wasn't something new and different for him.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Today I'm wearing my "Bring on the Heat" T-shirt, hereafter it will be referred to as my lucky shirt. Today has been a great day! I got to sleep in all the way until 7:30 this morning! I also had absolutely no complications during my chemistry lab today! I used atomic absorption to correctly tell the concentration of copper in my unknown sample perfectly the very first time! No little wizard picture on the computer telling me to go back and do everything again to figure out my mistake! NOT TODAY MISTER! 100%! A+! First try! I had a good lunch consisting of an open face pork sandwich (leftovers from last night's post roast) with gravy drizzled all over so that it soaked into the bread. Yumm! Then I got a little nap in. When I woke up and walked back to my class I felt on top of the world. Not just good. You know how some days you feel as though you could conquer the world while wearing high heels, make it look incredibly good and still have time to relax and enjoy? I was feeling like that! Then when I got to my class I was faced with yet another reason I like to be a food science major. We had cheese samples in class today! Also I got a chance to wear my new Valentiene's socks with hearts on them. I just got my Valentine's Day gift package from my mom yesterday! I got to eat the Sweetharts and wear the socks and wear my lucky shirt! Man this is a good day!

I also forgot to add that I got to have a good little chuckle out of Heather's quote of the week. Also I just saw this kid across from me in the computer lab totally picking his nose. He was a whole knuckle deep! Oh man that is awesome. (Note to self, don't ever use that computer and wash your hands as soon as you get home.) What a great day!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Thanks to Ronnie

TOMORROW IS GROUND HOG'S DAY!!!! Anyway, thanks to all the information I recieved last year from my ground hog's post I sounded REALLY smart about this little tradition today when my professor brought it up in class. We have a lot of students from Asian countries so when he says something he thinks they wont know he stops and asks the class if they don't know it. (EX. "Does anyone not know what "in the ball park" means?") Today he wished us a happy ground hog's day tomorrow and then he had to make sure everyone knew about it. I told the class about Phill and General Beauregard and also about the tradition and everything. It was for that reason I decided to thank everyone that added to our ground hog's day discussion last year and to wish you a happy ground hogs day again this year!