Thursday, January 26, 2006


One person to study with. Must want to study in big chunks of time rather than small intervals. Must also enjoy going to the library. Must have learned to have the exact same study style as me or similar and compatable. Must be available immediately.

If I don't start studying more I fear I will hit this wall of things that need to be done. Right now I'm not swamped, but I will be.....soon. The problem is that I like to study with people. I'm a socially driven person I think. Even if I don't really talk to the other person all that much, it's good to just have them go with me. Then I can't leave when I want to give up because I'm with them. I like to study in the evening. Preferrably after dinner. I also like to study somewhere other than my home. Preferrably the library. That combination doesn't really work here because I feel really vulnerable walking home alone in the dark. I just feel as though there are a lot more opportunities for me to get raped/abducted/killed around here. Especially when I have to walk under this big evergreen that drapes over the sidewalk. In the day its a natural arbor. At night it transformed into rape central. I had better figure this out soon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy Birthday

Today it is January 24 and my husband is turning 24! YEAH! I woke up all on my own at 6 AM (half an hour before the alarm) to put up the home made "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner across our kitchen/dining area. Then when the alarm went off he just rolled over turned it off and went back to sleep so I let him sleep in until 8! We finally decided to get up and while heading to the bathroom he saw a little trail of Happy Birthday Sweetie signs on the floor leading him to the kitchen and the big banner! While he showered I made him his pancake cake and after breakfast he opened his presents. That part wasn't as much fun as it normally would be because he already knew what all of them were. Anyway he's in taking a test right now but I think I'm going to go home and make a special lunch or something for him. Yeah for my Sweetie!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Problem Set 2

Silly fool that I am I decided to wait until the night before I have to turn in my homework assignment to start it. (In my defense I was cleaning and getting errands done instead. It's not like I wasn't doing anything productive.) Anyway, I don't really like to do homework on Sunday (not because I think it's morally wrong or anything. I just don't like how stressed it makes me feel on a day that I feel I shouldn't be.) so I stopped doing it and said I would get up early today and finish it before my first class at 9. Well that plan was working well. In fact it worked brilliantly. The only problem I have run into is number 7. I have figured out every other problem but #7. I just can't seem to get it. This not only stresses me out as the assingment is due at 10 and I have a class before that, but more than that, it annoys me. This class is easy and the rest of the problems on this set took me about an hour total. I just seem to have one more unknown than I have equations to find them all! I hate it when I can't figure out something I have already deemed easy. It is so frustrating!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Can't you See...

That it's just rainin. Yes everyone, today it rained so hard I actually turned back to get an umbrella. Usually the rain is so light it's more like a mist that's falling. Today it was real rain. I might have been depressed except for my new enlightened attitude toward how beautiful Oregon is. On the other side I've had that Jack Johnson song stuck in my head for two days. That's what the mental association does to your brain.

So my husband's birthday is in four days. I'm pretty excited to make him the pancake cake. Also I think I'm going to get him a metronome for the banjo. I know it isn't the most interesting gift, but I think he'll like it. Now I just have to find a store that sells a happy birthday sign.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Maybe Later

I love you forever, but right now the dishes are dirty.
I love you forever--my homework needs to be done.
Forever and ever, but if I don't sleep right now I'll cry.

I love you forever, but you're really busy.
I love you forever--three meetings in one night?
Forever and ever and I hope I'll see you soon.

I love you forever, but now is not the time
I love you forever, but there's so much to be done
Forever and ever. Maybe later.

I realize that loving someone forever doesn't mean that love is constant. Love will ebb and flow naturally and trying to force it to stay high all the time is not only impossible, but a waste of time. There's nothing wrong with the bend, just so long as you know it will flow back later. Right now there's a lot to be done and I find that my attention and also my husband's attention needs to be on other things. I know he loves me. He'll pass out on the sofa like he did during the lunch break today and not get to really say a word to me, but still I know he loves me. There's not much time to show him that now. Maybe later.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mary's Peak

Our meeting time for church moved to 9:30 am. This is actually really good because it gets me up and going on Sunday, which I decided I like. Last Sunday my husband and I went to church and then afterward I wanted to go to the coast. I kinda begged until he gave in. I packed us a great lunch of hard boiled eggs, apple cut in rings, cheese, and ritz crackers. Yummy! When we got in the car we decided that driving would take too long for not enough fun time (plus the big grey clouds in the west looked kinda bad.) We (and by we I really mean Dan) decided to go to Mary's Peak. This is a state park located about 40 minutes from our home. The whole top of the hill was covered in clouds, but it looked like it would be some foggy fun so we decided to head up anyway. On the way there I noticed how AMAZINGLY beautiful it is in Oregon. I know I complain about the rain, but it is just gorgeous! I thought it was funny that all the trees that had lost their leaves were still green because of all the lichen on them. I just realized how many greens there are in our part of the world.

Well we got to Mary's Peak but the road to the summit stops about 4 miles from the top. We decided to get out and walk to the top (which was posted as being ok all year round.) Once we reached the first bend after the gate we ran into snow! We walked right from fall into winter! It was so much fun. Well, it wasn't really winter because everything was green beneath the snow.

Since there wasn't anybody else around we had a snowball fight and Dan almost dunked my head into a little stream. (Not really he stopped about half a foot from the water.) When we reached Parker falls we stopped and sat on a guard rail and ate our lunch. While we were eating, a group of guys walked down the hill and this old couple walked up to the falls looked at them and then turned around. They were walking hand in hand. I hope we still do things like that when we're old. We decided that we would leave the peak for another day and walked back to autumn, and our car. I realized how much I love my husband. He is my best friend and I'm glad I can have an amazing afternoon with him just walking up a snowy hill.

The only sad thing is that I don't own a camera (digital or other). I used to own one, but it got stolen out of my car and I'm too cheap to buy one for myself. You will all just have to imagine the glorious place.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Pa-Pa-Pa Peein in the dark

Earlier this week I woke up in the middle of the night having to go to the bathroom. Usually I just roll over and go back to sleep because I can hold it until the morning. This night though I REALLY had to go. Not wanting to actually wake myself up too much just to complete this I decided not to turn on any of the lights in the apartment on my way to the bathroom or in the bathroom. I'm sure many people don't turn on the lights when this happens to them. There were two issues I ran into on my errand:

  1. I know it's irrational, but I sometimes have some fear not seeing the bowl before I set my bottom down. When I was little I spent the night at my friend, Lauren's house. In the morning while we were having our Lucky Charms her dad was watching the news where a story flashed about rats climbing up the sewage pipes into the toilet in people's houses. It has been a long time since then, but if I don't get to see the bowl before I set my bottom on it then I do have a little twinge of fear. What if there's a dead rat sitting in the bowl or worse, a live one?! GROSS!
  2. Also when I was done it was still dark and I couldn't find the end to the toilet paper roll. I was turining it and searching and then turning it the other way and searching. I spent a few minutes trying to find it then gave up and used the klenex on the back of the toilet.

In the morning I went to the bathroom to take my shower and found that the toilet paper roll had been HALF EMPTIED onto the floor in my search for the end of the roll! I must have been more asleep than I thought.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Egg Plop Soup

Sometimes I just want to have a bowl of top ramen. This happened to me one rainy day earlier this week. My husband and I strolled to Safeway and picked up 6 packages (if we had only gotten two the trip might have not been worth it.) We had some and while we were eating I told him how sometimes my friend Heather would put egg in it and it was really tastey. I told him I really liked egg drop soup.

Today we had a chemistry lab together. He got done with his experiment earlier than I did and went home to make us lunch. He decided to make some top ramen with egg. I came home just as he was putting the noodles in. Then I went into the bedroom to set some stuff down and when I got back I asked him if he wanted me to show him how to put the egg in. He said, "I already did." Then I asked, "You just plopped it in there?" "Yep!" The whole egg was just plopped on in the soup. I fished it up from the bottom and sure enough it was intact--one big egg in the middle. It was so funny that we had to eat all the egg even though it was pretty bland.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Grind Stone

Well, I'm back. After an entire month of break from school it doesn't seem fair that I have to go back. When we were leaving my home and I was starting to cry my husband tried to cheer me up by saying, "Look at it this way you only have 5 1/2 more months of school left." Let me tell you that is NO CONSOLATION. I have to leave my family and home and life of being a kid again to look forward to 5 1/2 months of school. Great. I had to come on campus early today to figure out what my class schedule is and I don't really know where the building where my first class is. It's not one of the three I had classes in last term. Great now I have to go figure out where it is. Wish me luck!

Even with all this complaining I'm kind of excited to start a new term.