Thursday, May 31, 2007


Did you ever wonder who broke the chain letters you sent out when you were younger? Well, I have a confession. It was probably me. I realized that this behavior hasn't changed since my friend Kim tagged me and I didn't do anything. I even said I'd fill it out and then I didn't. Now it seems like it's been too long so I'm not going to do it. Suffice it to say that we don't have TV right now so there aren't any shows that I regularly watch. Although the old favorites are New Yankee Workshop, The Joy of Painting, anything on HGTV (except design on a dime, that one's dumb) and I prefer anything with a plot over sports (that includes Maya and Miguel on PBS if worse comes to worst). We don't have the Internet so I don't have anything I go to daily although I do check my sister's blog EVERY time I get on the Internet and all the links that are on her sidebar. I can't remember the other ones right now so that's going to be the end of that. Sorry I'm so lame and also sorry to everyone that never got millions of letters back because I broke the chain.

In other news Baby Love got her baby photos taken at JCPenny's today! She is so cute and it was a lot of fun. She didn't smile often so I was worried we wouldn't have any cute ones, but the photographer was really good at catching cute faces of hers.

In the news of gorgeous women my sister shared her engagement photos with me today and they are great! My sister is so cosmopolitan! I figure that I'll probably never be like that, but I do admire that quality in her. She's just so....I can't really think of the right word for stylish, metropolitan, clever, beautiful, and the like. If you can think of it then let me know. Did you ever have someone like her in your life? Someone that has a quality that you really admire, but will never see in yourself? Man I love her! I can't wait to go to her wedding. It's going to be such an event!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I'm sure you all loved the story of Charlotte's first climbing experience. As for those who thought I should go climbing with my husband, I used to and I will again, but as it hadn't been 6 weeks yet past my delivery the doctor really frowns on doing such things. You're not supposed to lift anything heavier than your baby and well, I'm a lot heaver than Charlotte. Now I can go climbing with him. On that note:

We're going a vacation! Dan wanted to take the opportunity to climb in Utah before we move again so we're going to spend a week in July down at Joe's Valley or seomthing like that. He just calls it Joe's. Anyway, I have to fill three days of the week with non-climbing activites. Any ideas? I am so excited! Dan gave me an awesome Dutch oven for mother's day since I had been saying I wanted one for this trip for a while now. I have one meal a week planned in the dutch oven from now to then so I can build my confidence.

Charlotte can now hold her head up when you sit her holding her tummy. Isn't she so strong?! Plus I've been trying to get a photo of her smiling for a week now, but she doesn't like the flash on the camera so I've only got one chance and she doesn't smile for extended periods of time. Also when she smiles she likes to move her head so that makes it a little more complicated. Today she's wearing an outfit that my friend Heather gave her and it is SO CUTE! It totally reminds me of Heather when she wears it too becuase it's exactly her style.

Now that summer is here I've decided that living in a big metal box isn't very much fun. It gets up to 87 in our trailer and that's as high as our thermometer goes so it might go higher, I'm just not sure. We really need to get the swamp cooler hooked up becuase the every window and door open so the house is a wind tunnel does't work as well as I'd like it to.

Speaking of living conditions we're looking at St. Louis! Aren't you all excited? Because I am. Not so much for the moving, as I really like living here, and I hate packing up all our stuff, but it will be an exciting new part to our lives. Plus (and I'm really excited about this one) my husband is finding a place for us to live. I don't have to look through all the stuff or contact anyone! Oh what joy!