Friday, July 29, 2005

Pretty OK

Just so everyone knows this post will be mushy.

My life is just one rolling stress ball of things that I have yet to get done. The other day I was particularly wound up about everything. I was worried about having money for school (a big one since we are about $8000 short right now). I was worried about needing to call Brother Shelby to ask for help filling out my FAFSA ( I looked at it with Dan and got physically ill because I have no idea what I'm doing). We don't have a place to live at school, which I shouldn't worry about because we will eventually have one, but we don't right now so I'm a little stressed about that. Also, I haven't yet got everything moved into our place in the basement-everytime I go down there I just get overwhelmed with all the stuff we have ALL OVER the place. We still needed to go return things at Macy's and also we have a four page list of people to send thank you notes to. I have to make sure I have everything for work. I have to go to the bank. And on top of that I had just done my first real day of working on my Independent Study physics course. Just so you know my goal is to get it done in 7 weeks and now I'm thinking that maybe when I made that goal I was INSANE. Well, I was working on physics when Dan came home and we had dinner. John, his dad, had been asking me about all our financial stuff and it just made me realize that we really have no idea what's going on there. It would be nice just to know, you know? So I was pretty upset by the time that dinner was over. Dan said that instead of going down and cleaning the basement or going to the bank or checking anything off my list we should just go and watch a movie in the basement together. I am so glad that he did that. I just had time to relax and be with him. At one point in the dark room I turned and looked at him and my love for him just washed right over me so strong. I love how calm he is! I love his sense of humor! I love his eyes! They are so beautiful. Did you know he has a freckle on his ear? I love that too! He works so hard and I know that he loves me too! I love being cuddled next to him and making it so hot that he is sweating buckets. He never says anything about the heat. So I decided that night that I like my husband pretty ok. Boy am I blessed.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Super Powers

I have had a kid in my classes for two weeks now. The first week he went the full day, which includes two classes then a lunch finishing off with two more classes. The second week his mom only signed him up for one class then lunch then the two classes to finish the day. He came into class in the middle of the second week and declared I was his favorite teacher. Then he said, "Do you know why?" I told him no. He responded by saying, "Because this week you made lunch come sooner." I have now found my super power....controlling lunch.

Friday, July 22, 2005

A to Z

I have had TONS of funny things happen at work this week. The only problem is when I get home to write them down I've completely forgotten all of them! DRAT! Anyway, the only thing I can remember right now is from my "Fun From A-Z" class. The other day we were doing the letter V. I asked what begins with V. Apparently none of their parents have made it this far in the alphabet because none of them knew what begins with V. I told them vegetable begins with V. Our project was doing a vegetable garden. The first vegetable we did was a carrot. Because of this they were hooked on the carrot the WHOLE time. I asked them several times, "What does V stand for?" They would all shout back to me, "CARROT!" I was SO nervous when the moms came to pick up their kids. Then while I was walking down to lunch I overheard one mom ask her son, "V is for...?" And he made my heart soar when he said to her, "VEGETABLE!" I was so happy! Nevermind I had heard, "V is for carrot" about a billion times before. At least one kid remembered.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Insights

Ever since my sisters boyfriend has come on the scene he has been stirring stuff up. First of all he's a really manly man in that he played football and wrestled and recently has had some kickball fame. These are all very masculine things that I'm sure my dad was excited about from the start. On top of that he swing dances, sings (at least for Katie) and, my dad's new favorite, plays the piano. These are things I'm sure my mom loves. So he has been the topic of a few conversations lately, just because of his many talents. The one thing that has really stirred some controversy is his position on Q-tips. He is studying to be an ear doctor of sorts and thus is my personal expert on this topic. He thinks they are the worst invention ever. Nobody should use Q-tips for their ears...ever. I remember a conversation about cotton and ear wax and water hardening like and adobe brick inside of your ear and then you having to have that pulled out. OUCH, and YUCK all at once. Ever since hearing that I have had an internal struggle. I don't really like to live on the edge or do things that I know have a possibility of causing me pain, but I love Q-tips. I hate to have my ears in the wind or the cold or wet. The Q-tips solve that thrid problem. I used to use them everyday after I got out of the shower. When I heard what he had said I stopped using them completely. Cold turkey. In case any of you were wondering it wasn't a will power thing, I just ran out and was too lazy to buy more.
The story gets better because ever since I've come home I've wanted to buy myself some Q-tips. I mentioned this to my husband and the internal struggle turned external when he said, "You remember what Garrett said." So my husband is anti Q-tips as well. Tonight I was unpacking some of my things while moving into our place for a while and I opened a box of bathroom stuff and found a WHOLE BOX of Q-tips unopened. I must have purchased them and shipped them home before having heard of the wax brick that could form in my ear. Now the problem is do I open the box and experience that wonderful feeling of clean? Do I just leave the box there? I'd hate to waiste them! Anyway, I have to go do laundry now.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Starting Out Young

Two funny things happened at work today. A little boy decided that his hair needed to be cut so he cut it. Those scissors we give them wont cut paper at all, but apparently they're great for cutting hair. I was lucky that his mom wasn't mad at all.

The other one has to do with a little boy in my class. Today we made windsocks. We drew on them with markers before putting the foamie pieces and glitter on them. He told me that he had drawn words, but it just looked like a bunch of scribbles to me. Then he asked, "Do you want to know what it says?" I told him sure. So he read from the page (finger pointing along with the scribbles), "Dear Diary, today there were more new kids in my class at school. Love, Brianna" I said that sounded wonderful, but was confused about who Brianna was. He proceeded to take 3 minutes describing Brianna (a six year old girl) in great detail right down to the address she lives at. Then he told me that she was his "girl." I think he's pretty proud of having a girl. It was so cute!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just to Catch Up

I have so much to write! AHHH! It seems like I can't write it all down! Here's my main thoughts, or at least the ones I think my mom and sister will like.

The Leapord has spots too
Yesterday I again had to explain what freckles are. Here is how the conversation went:
Grant: "What are those brown spots you have?"
Me: "They're freckles."
Grant: "What are freckles. Where do they come from?"
Me: "They're spots you get from the sun."
Grant: "The sun has spots?"
Me: "No. Do you see how in the summer, when you go outside your skin gets darker?"
Grant: "Yeah."
Me: "Well, my skin does that same thing, only in spots."
Grant: "Like a leapord?"
Me: "Yeah, I have spots like the leapord."

Marital Bliss
I have wanted to do a sort of post wedding/honeymoon wrap-up, but now that I'm here sitting thinking about it I'm not really sure what to say. As far as the actual day goes, I felt so blessed. So many people were there to support me. I felt so loved. I also kinda felt bad because I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone I wanted to. I wish I had had more time in particular to talk to my sister, and my two friends Heather and Mary. I miss them already.
My honeymoon was so much fun. We stayed in a cabin up in Canada about 40 minutes from Victoria in a resort called point on point. It was fun. Dan let me do all the touristy sightseeing things I wanted to including Miniature world which boasts the world's smallest WORKING saw mill. We didn't get to see it working though because of fire regulations. We just watched a video under the diarama. We also went to the Royal BC Museum, which is reputed to be the Canadian Smithsonain. It only had about 5 rooms in it total.
I also found out how inclredibly funny my husband is! Since we've been married its like this wall has come down and I know him so much more (I'm not just talking about sex here for those of you perverts) He is so much fun to be around and I love him so much. He is my hero.
My sister is the best ever. Everyday she amazes me. I wish I could write more now, but my train of thought has just dropped off because my sister just called me on the cell phone. Maybe I'll finish this later. Probably not.