Friday, September 30, 2005

Just Say No

  • Read the "Safety" section of my food micro lab
  • Write my lab write-up on eggs for my food chem lab
  • Read about water
  • Read an article about Food Microorganisms for my food micro class
  • Look up my old resume to see if I could pass it off as new for my senior seminar
  • Read my Food Toxicology Textbook

Each one of these things is something small, very small, that needs to get done. I should do some of them today. In fact I bet if I got on the ball and worked really hard I could get the majority of them done today. None of the assignments are too hard. The egg lab was pretty interesting in fact. The only problem is that I just don't want to do it. There, I've admitted it. None of them are due on Monday. In fact, one of them isn't due until November. Maybe it's my natural tendency to procrastinate here, but I would just rather go home and clean my apartment and sit around than do any of these things. The problem is that I don't have 3 hours worth of entertaining things and I have three hours to fill. Maybe if I get really despirate I'll read my food micro safety.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Perks, Yummm!

I start classes at 8AM everyday but tuesday. On Tuesday I get to start at the ripe old hour of 8:30AM. My husband doesn't start until 9 MWF and 11TTH. This morning the alarm went off and I just groaned. Not that I didn't get to bed at a decent hour, I did. I just DID NOT want to get up. Instead I rolled over and woke up my husband. He is so sweet! Instead of complaining he said he had actually wanted to get up with me today to go and study on campus. While I was getting ready this morning he made me pancakes! What a sweetie! Those were the best tasting pancakes ever!

PS. Have I mentioned yet that my parents are coming this weekend? I'm stoked! I'm going home after this post to clean my apartment and all that jazz.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So Few of Us Left

Today I was walking back to campus after having eaten a great lunch. I was in a hurry so I was walking a little faster than the people around me. I passed a guy and girl that came out of the dorms. I wasn't too far ahead of them when I had to stop to cross the street and they caught up. As we waited for the flashing man and beeping sound I overheard the guy say to the girl, "There are so few attractive redheads." I was so upset! So what that I didn't really do my hair today or really my make-up either!! That is no reason to say I'm unattractive! At least say it quietly enough that the redhead standing two feet from you doesn't hear it! I had the next ten minutes or so to think about it as I walked to the other end of campus. Then I had my lab so the comment was pushed out of my mind. After class I was walking along and started thinking about it again. He must have meant that there are so few redheads that are like myself, attractive that is. That may not be how he meant it, but I'm going to take it that way. So there man that speaks too loud in public!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Might As Well

Just so everyone knows my apartment is now completely set up. I painted the bathroom a green/blue color. It's really pretty. I want to paint just about every wall in our apartment, but since it has to be painted back white when we leave again my husband didn't want to paint any walls. Our compromise was the bathroom.

I went climbing for the first time. It was really fun, I was kinda surprised at myself. It does wonders to have someone that is completely confident in my abilities with me. I think I will go again...when my arms and back stop screaming at how crazy I was for making them work.

My husband is heartbroken about losing his Jeep. He has since spent much time online trying to find a four door car that he doesn't think is stupid. He's hoping that in a year we can get a used Mazda M3 that with the money from the Jeep. His first day of looking for cars just got him really depressed. Then he decided to broaden the price range and got a little happier. Today he went on the Mazda website just to look at the new cars and now he's in dreamland.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

On Being Positive

Yesterday my mom surprised me by taking me back to school shopping! YEAH! I didn't expect it, but she said she could read through my jeans and thus they wouldn't last me at all during the year, so there you go. This made me so happy!

I was in such a great mood going to a friend's baby shower last night. Then this lady came in. When I got married two months ago I failed to give her a wedding announcement/"invitation" and I have not stopped hearing about how much it hurt her feelings since. Last night she came up to me in front of everyone at the shower and said, "Did you know you didn't invite me to your wedding?" When my mom replied that we didn't know where to send the invitation (which is true since she hasn't really lived in the house that was in our ward for two years now) she said, "Even my friends from Canada seem to have managed to track me down to get me wedding invitations!" Well, I figured it was best not to say anything since what I have to say to her isn't all that nice. Here is my response to this lady:
  • We really didn't know where to send the invitation. We didn't have your address. If you're not good enough friends to keep in contact with us so we have your address, I don't think it is necessary to send you an invitation to my wedding.
  • Miss Manners says I can invite anybody I want.
  • My mom DID call you a week before the wedding and invited you personally to the reception. You had people visiting from out of town and didn't come anyway.
  • If you feel you are good enough friends with my family to feel left out of the party unjustly, then you should also feel that you are good enough friends to know you can just come! That's what another lady did, and I was so grateful for her understanding.
  • My wedding day is about me, not you. Now that you've made it about you I don't feel sorry for not inviting you.
  • How could I not know I didn't invite you to my wedding, I've been hearing about how horrible I was for not inviting you for the last two months now.
  • After all of these points if you're still upset about not being invited, you can still give me a present if that's what's bugging you.

So anyway, there goes a whole night down the crapper. I was incensed.

On the plus side, when I got up today I got to put on brand new clothes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Precarious Perch

When I moved into the basement of my in-laws house the previous tenant, my sister-in-law, warned me of the huge spiders that also call the basement home. Let me first say I have nothing against spiders when they live in their natural habitat. When I encounter them in the great outdoors I simply give them their space and let them live their lives. When they are in my domain it is an entirely different story. Mostly when I happen across the two inch brown hairy monsters I just call for my husband to come kill it. (Two inches might be an exaggeration, but that's what it seems like when you're staring one in the face, eye-to-eye on the sofa. Well, my husband is gone.

Today started like any other day. I woke up way later than I thought I would, spent a small time in the morning with the ritual I have come to know and love. Feed Tigger, feed myself, let the dogs out to "go potty," read the funnies, take a shower. It was at that last step when it all went downhill. I get into the shower and start washing my hair when I turn around and see one of these mutant spiders INCHES from my foot. Instantly I climb up on one of the seats that are in the shower. I have no idea what to do. Do I call for help from my mother-in-law. Surely that would not do. With no help on the way I had to figure out what to do fast. Was it me or was that creepy thing following me up the wall to the seat? My nemesis is blocking my exit to get the toilet paper to send him swirling down the toilet. The tricky spider can't outsmart me! I just angled the water spray right behind him until he slid right down the drain. Success! I conquered that problem. Only moments after his body finally made it down the drain in the shower did my mistake really hit me. The drain is in the middle of the shower. RIGHT WHERE YOU STAND to get the stream of water. Now I have the possiblitiy of the spider climbing up the drain and right onto my foot. This would never do. I had to spend the rest of the shower on the seat bending over to wash my hair. Maybe that's also why I wont go to the bathroom in the dark. I'll have to think about that one. All I can say is that it is a good thing I am moving out on Sunday!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Some Pig

Last night I went with my parents to the Interstate Fair. I had so much fun! For those of you interested I ate: 1 corn dog, funnel cake, caramel apple, and hawiian shaved ice (the tropicalsno variety). If you knew me you would know that that's a lot for me to eat. I loved it. We walked the circut of commercial barns (daddy bought a mop and some olives) the auto barn, and the flower barn. By far the best part of the fair was again the baby pigs! They had some that were born August 30 and some that were born September 4. The smaller ones were playing like puppies when we got there only they were snorting. Sometimes I think it would be fun to own a baby pig, like Wilbur, but then I looked at "Big Mama" their mom and realized that she probably weighed twice what I do. Although she came when her owner called her and loved to have her ears scratched, I DON'T think I could handle owning a full grown pig. So that's about it for the fair. A fun time was had by all.

Monday, September 12, 2005

It's Official

Well, it's official, Tigger is my favorite dog. I decided to make it official this morning when I looked down at his ever watchful face. He loves to monitor computer use. Plus, yesterday mischief pounced on my foot giving me a big fat bruise that hurts really bad. (This is on top of peeing on my Physics textbook and deficating on my white pants.) I love Rommie, she has the best personality for a 13 pound dog. The only problem is that she's the biggest dog I've ever lived with. My guess is in the neighborhood of 100 pounds. For anyone who knows dogs, she's a Bernese Mountain Dog. She loves people and loves to be petted. When new people come though she barks at them just as much as my mom's little Quinn, well more now that we've trained Quinn not to. That big, low, gruff bark would make me thing she's about to eat me, not welcoming me in. I'll admit that it's pretty scary to have three dogs rush you barking to beat the band. I always feel like apologizing to new people that come over for the first time. Tigger, although he does bark, he quickly retreats when he finds out it's someone he doesn't know. Plus, he follows you quietly around the house. He's supposed to be a herding dog, not a people dog, but I think that since he's never been around any sort of herd he decided that the people are the herd and he follows you around just to make sure where you are. He can't jump really, but he's sneeky enough to get the food off the counter. Anyway, he's my favorite.

Friday, September 09, 2005

WAY too much time

Well, as you all know my husband left on Wednesday for school and I'm not going to leave for another few days. On top of that my in-laws, whom we've been living with this summer, are out of town until tomorrow evening. I've been alone all week (OK so only three days, but it's been a LONG three days.) Plus, I had been waiting around to try and get a hold of the proctor for my test. Good news, I took the test today which means I'm on my way to the next one. Anyway, I've been bouncing around this house alone with the three dogs for a while now and I decided that I have way too much time on my hands here. I don't have anyone to take up my thoughts but me. Sometimes that's good, but not when you're lonely and you want someone else around. Grrr. I realized I needed a distraction when I sent out five emails in one day. (That may not seem like much to most of you, but I tend to keep my volume of emails at a minimum.) When I want to hear from people I just send out emails kind of like casting out the bait and then check my computer way more than I should just to see who I hooked. Today I was delighted to recieve an email from the lovely Mary. It was good to hear from her.

Tomorrow is my friend's wedding so that should be good. Plus, it's Saturday and my mom wont be working. That means I can hang out with her. It's so funny, but next to my husband my mom really has been my best friend here this summer. I love to hang out with her. She's so funny. Today we went to Luna's for lunch. It was delicious.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Two Inch Holes

Well, my husband is officially in our new apartment and moving all our stuff in too. No, I'm not with him because my high school best friend is getting married on Saturday and I wanted to be here for that. I'm following my husband to Corvallis a week from Friday. (A random thought totally unrelated to this post is where did my summer go? I think I lost a week in there somewhere and I can't seem to get it back.)

On Tuesday my Father-in-law and Brother-in-law thoughtfully decided to help us move our sofa up from the basement. This is where the first of the two inch holes appeared. They put a two inch hole in the fabric of my sofa. I was DEVISTATED. I called all my girlfriends all my female relatives (except Katie not because I don't love her, but because she never answers her phone. I wrote her an email instead). My mom luckily found some fabric in Boise that is the same pattern only smaller. I think the way we're planning on fixing it will make it seem not noticable at all.

Tuesday night we packed all our belongings up in the U-Haul. Turns out that now I'm married I own a whole ton of things. Looking at all our home furniture made me feel really grown up. I own furniture! Sure it's not the best furniture, but it's mine, well, ours. But still!

Wednesday morning came and my husband changed the tires/wheels on his Jeep (yes, you do need more than one set of these for different activities). He checked the owner's manual for his Jeep to see how to hook it up to the tow dolly on the back of the U-Haul. He did EXACTLY as the manual told him to. Well, this is where the second two inch hole appeared. Turns out the manual was wrong and the engine EXPLODED just after he left town. Yes, it ruined the engine. Pieces of metal went flying and that's what cut the two inch hole in his oil pan and his rear wheels locked up and the U-Haul overheated. It was a real mess.

Because I was the one that was responsible for us getting the auto insurance in the first place I was also in charge of calling in the claim. Hopefully the insurance will pay for the damage and my dad says he and his buddy will put in a used one he found for only $800. That way we can get the check from insurance and avoid having to pay the deductable.

Anyway, this move is becoming a bit of a mess now. My husband took my car down to school with him and left the Jeep here for me to figure out. I was planning on driving my car down to school so unless they can fix the Jeep pronto I have no car to get to school in. Mom and dad say it will get figured out though so I'm trying not to worry about it too much until after I hear from progressive.