Friday, February 26, 2010

To Celebrate

Dan's out taking his test for the surgical rotation and guess what I just got to celebrate?

Two tickets to the PBR which is in town this weekend. We heard about it being in town two days ago and I could see that Dan perked up at the idea, but as we all know if I left it up to him we wouldn't be going. He needs more than three days to process spending money unexpectedly.

I can't wait to surprise him! I'm sure he'll love it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jammie Time

Without going into the details, Charlotte and I had an all out test of will powers tonight for about an hour and a half. How exhausting sometimes! But on a bright note, I won.

And tomorrow is Dan's test for the surgical rotation and we can close the book on the last two months!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


That is apparently how much money it takes to buy an evening of happiness in my family.

Yesterday every plan I made fell through so I spent the entire day thinking about what we were going to do next.

By 3:30 I was wishing it was dinner time, so I decided to start making dinner.

The kids and I ate dinner and were done by 5:15.

There may or may not have been a whole lot of crying involved on everyone's part.

By 5:27 we had made our way to the St. Louis Bread Co.

Charlotte had a brownie and Greg and I ate a cinnamon crunch bagel bread sliced and we all shared a milk. It was so very expensive, but also brought so much sanity.

Dan came home at 6:22 to a happy family with two kids playing in the tub instead of a screaming, crying, sad family that he had to pick up the pieces of.

I'd say it was money well spent.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cutest Thing Ever

Tonight was my night to put the Bear to bed. She had previously taken a nap today and I knew she'd be up a little late. So we watched a little of the Olympics. While watching the Olympics she got bored and I got sleepy. I fell asleep right as Dan asked if she wanted to do something with him. She responded she wanted to play the monster game. I fell asleep before finding out what the monster game is. He ended up playing the game then getting her ready for bed, reading her library books and then tucking her into bed. She wouldn't go to bed without a goodnight kiss from me, which though very gentle, woke me up. A good thing I think because then I got to see what the monster game was. I wish I had my camera so I could show all of you, because apparently the monster game was taking turns drawing monsters. Taped to our foyer wall is a paper and amongst the scribbles on the page are two very clear monsters, one Daddy drew and one Charlotte drew. (The first time she's actually drawn something that I can pick out.) Quite possibly the best part of my week this week.

A New Phase

Charlotte has entered on a new phase of life (read: trying to get her way). She has started completely melting down everytime she doesn't get her way. It isn't the angry shrieking. It's the heartbroken sobs. Sometimes she just starts crying for no reason I can decipher and I don't know how to help her (read: make it stop!).

Yesterday was our first trip to church without Daddy and boy did she take advantage of it. I had to pull her out of the chapel no less than 5 times in a one hour period.

Also, she gets inordinately angry when another child does something that she doesn't like. Apparently she is the boss of her world and anyone just living in it is ruining everything.

I'm at a loss. And also at the end of caring. This too shall pass, right? Right?!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doctor's Visit

Today was Greggie's nine month check up. Turns out he's healthy and average and just what a baby should be. We got a referral to an allergist for the whole my son is turning into an oompa loompa episode. His stats are as follows:

Height: 27 1/2" 25%
Weight: 20 lb 15 oz 50-75%

So average weight, but kinda short. The weight thing is funny I think because that means he's actually lost weight. I guess it's his frantic efforts to get himself mobile that has made a difference.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Light A Fire

I figured out how to get the cashier at the grocery store check you out at lightening speed. Have your very sick looking almost three year old turn to you and say, "Poo poo Mommy. I need to go now Mommy." To which you frantically look at the half checked out produce and say, "You'll need to hold it until we pay for our food."

Works like magic.

Monday, February 15, 2010


About a month ago the woman who coordinates music for our church services asked me if I'd be willing to play a special musical number on my violin for the third Sunday of the month. I agreed happily. After having played the violin for so many years it seems a shame to me to not really have it be a part of my life. It is after all something that I really do love.

I decided that although I could play a song that I already had, I wanted to stretch myself and get something new. Nothing too hard though since I haven't really seriously played in years. I got a piece of music based on a hymn that I love and started practicing. I feel I have learned so much with this process.

Just opening my case reminds me of high school. I spent so very much of my day playing that violin during high school. At least three hours everyday. It is jarring to be so rusty and awkward with something that used to be so familiar. I have spots on the case that I have worn through the fabric and spots on the fingerboard that are worn where my hand shifted up and down. I can remember losing the small decorate pieces of wood on the tuning pegs. I feel like I am going through a treasure hunt of old memories. (I like to pick only the good ones though. Do you do that too?)

Now I can only practice for half an hour before my shoulder, arm and wrist start telling me they've had it. I picked an arrangement that at one time I could have easily played after practicing a couple of times and now I've spent weeks and I still don't feel quite comfortable with everything. Oh it will sound fine, but I want it to sound smooth, and relaxing, and wonderful. I want it to reflect how I feel when I think of the words of that song. I want it to sound like the glassy top of a lake the first thing in the morning.

I don't know if I can come up with anything deep in the meaning of this, but it has been a very touching process for me. Like coming home again.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Positive Post

Today has been a good day. Crazy, but good. I thought I'd post about some other things I think are good. (No ammount of storytelling could make the story of this day interesting.)

  • Putting the last load of laundry in the dryer
  • My son's dimple. I think it's funny that he only has one.
  • My daughter's curly hair. I am so in love with it, even when she does look like a swamp witch.
  • Sleeping in until 7:30. Isn't that extra hour glorious?
  • Watching TV with my husband. We haven't had much time for this lately. Actually what we do right now is more like me watching TV while he studies or sleeps, but I count it.
  • The ridiculously bad job I did cutting my husbands hair this last time. He doesn't even notice how uneven the thing is!
  • My friends here in St. Louis who know exactly what I'm going through, because they're doing it too. It feels so great to be understood.
  • Peeling up linoleum tiles on my stairs. It's a great job for in the winter, very warm.
  • Ladies lunches
  • Goodie plates
  • Dog Parks in Denver. You've never seen a dog park until you see a dog park in Denver. I don't even have dogs and I was jealous.
  • Cinnamon bagles from The St. Louis Bread Co cut like bread.
  • The sick run, which is something I found out about while visiting my sister in Denver. Whenever someone is sick her husband runs to the store to buy any medication, treats, and entertainment they might need. Charlotte came out of the thing with two new books, teddy grahams, goldfish, and saltines. She was in heaven.
  • My daughter's 3 year old type comments from the back seat. "Sometimes I cry and it's OK."
  • The musical sounds my family make when Daddy comes home from a good day at work.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Medical Exchange

Why is it that the only times I really feel like I need to call my pediatrician are either late in the night or on Wednesdays, which also happen to be when the office is closed? Turns out that for most of those situations, not calling ended up being the best mode of action because time worked everything out just fine.

Not today.

Today was my first time in almost three years (can you believe that Charlotte is almost three?) that I've felt the need to call the medical exchange. The medical exchange is a very good thing because they'll connect you with your doctor or another doctor in the group that will answer your urgent questions. Today I had an urgent question.

Don't ask me why or how this happened, but somehow Charlotte's left over mini wheats ended up in the hands of Gregory. When I had seen that this happened, I didn't worry because I figured they were pretty soggy and he wouldn't choke. Then I looked a little closer and noticed that not only was he eating them, he was rubbing them all over his face. Or was it trying to wipe them off his face? I wasn't sure. I picked him up and went to wash his face off when I noticed red blotchy skin everywhere the milk had touched him. I wasn't too worried at first, but I decided to give him a bath and call Daniel. Dan didn't answer his phone. While Greg was in the tub his face went slightly puffy and bumpy. Meanwhile he's trying to wipe any and everything off his face and his eyes are going pink. I could tell that if he could talk he would be saying, "Get it off! Get it off!"

So I called the medical exchange. Greg wasn't having any trouble breathing so his pediatrician just told me to give him a half teaspoon of benedryl. I did and he ended up being fine, but it looks like he may need to do a little allergy testing sometime in his future.

Monday, February 08, 2010


It took me two hours and an online chat with Randy, the hp technical support guy, and my new best friend, but I can now print things from my new laptop! Yeah! After the page printed and I professed my unending love for Randy, he started explaining what was wrong so I stopped reading what he wrote. The kicker here is that I'm the computer savvy person in my marriage. Makes you nervous, doesn't it.

Friday, February 05, 2010


My kids have been sick for almost two weeks now. Yesterday Greg cried/howled so much that he made himself hoarse. I'm feeling a little low on the energy levels and enthusiasm. I was feeling a bit bad about all this, but then I was able to talk to a few friends. As it turns out the February blues seem to be going around. I thought I'd let all of you in on this in case you're feeling a bit similar. You're not alone. So let's all perk up a bit and make a goal. Let's all make it through February in one piece.

Here's hoping your February is going better than ours.

Monday, February 01, 2010


There was a very rude lady bagging groceries in the lane next to mine today. Because of what she said about me I was very embarrassed.

It has taught me to be a little more patient with people and with waiting my turn in line. And also that when I'm past this phase in my life, I will try my best to remember what this phase was like. I will try to always be the woman that stops to tell young mothers how beautiful their kids are. I will tell women who are nine months pregnant that they look tiny. When I'm in the grocery store I will stand behind the young mom, who is trying to go her fastest and get her child home to nap time, which he sorely needs. I will make cute faces at that child and play with that child and get that child to smile. Because as we all know, smiling babies make the world a better place.