Tuesday, August 31, 2004

New Changes and the Academic World

So I was just going to be done with my bolgging career when my summer ended. I mean I'm now back at BYU and I have no stories about little kids to relate to anyone. Then I heard that people were actually reading this thing. I thought that was interesting. I mean, I'm pretty sure that my blog isn't all that awesome. I do the bare minimum (but at least I write posts in it). I was asked to keep up with it during the school year so I figure why not.

So here's how the first day of classes went: I had three classes yesterday. My first class was statistics. It will be the regular big auditorium lame class that I have to take just to graduate. Then I have organic chemistry. Now this class scares the crap out of me. I'm taking the second half right now and just barely passed the first half. I asked two of my major professors (one was my academic advisor) if I should retake the first half or just go on and they both said don't look back. I talked to the professor of the class yesterday and he tried to be reassuring by saying that if I just spent 12-18 hours outside of class studying I should be fine. (Just so you know if I do 18 hours out of class a week that turns out to be six study hours for each hour of lecture!) And my last class of the day was Nutrient Metabolism. This is a class for my major. I'm not too excited about it though because it's really a nutrition class and I couldn't care less whether what people eat is nutritious. I only care if it gets to them quickly, safely, and if they like it. Oh well. Day one is a dud.

Day two will totally make up for it though! I have two classes on my Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are Food Commodity Processing and Food Regulations and Quality Assurance. This probably seems totally boring to everyone else in the world, but I went to my classes this morning and I must admit they got me SO EXCITED! I get to learn so much stuff in these classes. They seem like kinda big time committments, but I don't even really care. My food commodity processing class is a lab class and we go on a field trip aroud this area once a week. This week we are going to a water treatment facility in Orem that prepares drinking water for us. Pretty cool huh? Anyway, that's about it for the academic side of my life here.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Spokesman Review!

Today a girl came in from the Spokesman Review and took photos of my first class of the day for a special interest project she was on! How exciting! My class might be in the paper! Well, it probably wont, but the kids were really cute in that class. By the end of the day I was so glad she came for the first one and not the last one. We made "fossils" out of plaster of paris in my last class today, so it probaly would have been a cool one to photograph. The only problem was that 5 minutes before the end of class one little boy said he had to go to the bathroom. I said, fine go. Then all the parents came to pick their kids up and I forgot about him. That is until HIS mother came. He ran out from the class room to give her a hug bare bottomed. Pants and undies around his ankles. I saw her face and I was so embarassed! I assured her that her child JUST went to the bathroom and wasn't walking around like that all day. She said it was ok becuase he was still learning all the bathroom rules at home and had done that before. I was relieved. Just imagine if the photographer was there! Yikes!