Friday, November 15, 2013


When I was young my parents bought me an electric mattress pad. I loved that thing. My room was in the daylight basement and that house was cold. Nobody else believed me, but I was cold I tell you. My mom thought it was funny that I would keep it on even in August. I'll tell you what though, last July when I was there for a visit I turned that thing on. 

I was thinking about that electric mattress pad last weekend when Dan was in Dallas. Then he came back and I realized he's better than one of those things. Just his body heat keeps the bed warm enough. And if it isn't I can scoot closer and be in his circle of warmth. 

He must know this because every day when he gets up at 4am he reaches down, pulls the comforter up and covers me so the warmth won't leave me. Now that's true love.

A not very flattering photo of us with Dan yet again asleep.

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Nurse Graham said...

I wonder if the "furnace while sleeping" is somehow a genetic trait as Dave says the same thing about me as you do about Dan.

Funny story: when Dave and I had been dating all of a month, he decided I should go to his family reunion with him. Of course I went. The grandkids were sharing beds so his grandma assigned me to share a bed with Dave's cousin, Stephanie. The next morning I was practically falling off of the bed because Stephanie was so close to me. When she woke up she said that anytime she got cold during the night she would just move closer to me because I was like a little heater and if I scooted away, she would just scoot closer again.