Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another post without photos!

Last night after the oldest child in the family finally fell asleep I decided that it would be fun for the kids to wake up to a room with hearts in it.  I envisioned tons of hearts, but then decided that they didn't need that many, but mostly that I didn't want to make that many.  So I cut them out and then sneaked (notice I didn't snuck because my grandma always says, "The only thing you snuck is snot." There see, some things do stick.) into their room and did acrobatics getting hearts at just the right places so they would see them right when they woke up.

Which reminds me about how when I was little I thought my Dad got me valentines every year.  Ha!  That was totally my mom and she never got credit.  Which ties into my story perfectly because the kids did wake up in the morning and they did discover the hearts! And it was a magical moment because they were thrilled by the hearts.  Then I hear Greg ask Charlotte, "Who made them?"  And Charlotte, with the confidence and authority that only comes from being the oldest says, "The Valentine's Day Fairies."  Which is totally enough proof for Greg and so the morning was made even more magical by the magical visit from the night before and I just couldn't take that magic away because today is about love and I love that they can see magic in everything.  So I do the work and the fairies get the credit, but that's ok because I'm Mom and that's how I show them I love them.

So after discovering all the hearts from the fairies we go to the kitchen and discover candies and notes that Daddy has left for us to tell us how much he loves each of us individually and the happiness in our house sort of bursts forth and splashes over everything.

Did you know that I never really understood Valentine's Day?  If you love someone then you shouldn't wait to tell them.  They should already know.  But today I totally get it.  Today we took extra time to tell each other we loved each other and basked in the happiness and goodwill that it produced.  So here's hoping that the Valentine's Day Fairies make it to your house too.

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