Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday Morning Moments

It snowed a bit again last night.  It was also 7 degrees this morning.  Both of those combined made for a beautiful sunrise.  Charlotte said that the snow looked like "God's glitter" the other day and she was certainly right about that this morning.

Then I got grumpy because I had to go out and shovel the glitter.  That is not fun.  While trying to keep myself in a good mood I decided to think of positive thoughts about living in the upper mid-west.  That led me to think of the other day at bounce world.

Bounce world is an indoor play area with tons of those blow up bounce house things inside.  It also contains a lot of blow up slides, a mechanical bull (I have pictures I'll put up of Charlotte on that thing soon) and face painting.  One of the activities set up was a miniature football goal with nerf footballs and a stand to set them on so you can kick a field goal.  Greg wanted to give it a try, but sadly, and perhaps embarassingly, I couldn't remember how to put the ball on the stand so as to kick it.  I say embarassing because if you knew my dad you would know that I really should have paid a bit more attention to him growing up.  Anyway, I looked around and saw a dad there with three of his own kids.  I interrupted the fun he was having with them to ask him how the stand thing works.  Not only did he stop what he was doing to show me how it worked, he took a few minutes to "coach" Greg on how you should kick the ball.  It was amazing and I thought to myself that right there is why I love living here.

So there you have it, we have glittery snow (which by the way was so cold that the sidewalk underneath the snow was completely dry while I was shoveling it) and complete strangers willing to stop and help out.

Happy Monday.

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