Friday, February 22, 2013

A Little Bit Sleepy

So here's something weird about me, almost from the moment that I met Dan I started taking asleep pictures of him.  That's weird right?  Weird or not, it's the truth.  I sort of love having photos of him sleeping.  And its been a pleasure to see him sleeping while cuddling our babies.  Here's a small smattering of sleeping photos.

Last night I was listening to the sounds of my house sleeping which has become a common occurrence these days.  I was thinking about my propensity to photograph my husband asleep and my mind wandered to when I first dated and was engaged to him.  The funny thing (at least to me) was my complete inability to stay awake during that time. I'm serious about this inability.  I think it must have been my parents and his parents prayers answered.  We spent so very much time alone together and nothing happened.  Nothing.  And why was that?  Every time we did I was afflicted with narcolepsy.  I'm surprised that Dan never raised concerns about my health because I fell asleep everywhere all over the place.  Then I'd have to wake up and Dan would drive me home and somehow steer me to my bed.  At some point in the middle of the night I'd wake up uncomfortable because I was fully clothed beneath my sheets, shoes and all.  (Usually he did take my shoes off for me though.)  So I guess the tables have turned.  Now instead of me falling asleep everywhere it's him.  All over the place.


Mindy said...

I love it. Especially the line about you having narcolepsy all over the place. I laughed all over the place.

Dan's mom said...

Some of those pictures prove that Dan doesn't have to be comfortable to be asleep....
Cute, cute gallery of pictures.
By the way, do you have the one of your dad & Craig sleeping in the lawn chairs onthe day you blessed Charlotte? Have your mom send it to you - it's great & you can see where Dan got his "sleeping skills".