Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday, or more commonly known in this house as six days before Charlotte's birthday.

I woke up at 5:45am to my cell phone ringing.  It was the school calling to tell me school was on a two hour delay and so none of my kids would have school that day.  And it was really cold and really windy and we'd be cooped up inside and did I just hear the baby wake up from the ringer I forgot to silence before going to bed last night?  Yeah, my birthday.

But I forgot to mention that even though I woke up at 5:45 my first thought after cursing the school for calling was, "hey, why can't my eye open? And why does it hurt so much?"  Eye infection city!  Not exactly pink eye so there isn't any meds to take, but annoying none the less.

So lets chalk all that on the bad side of the day, there were many good sides to the day too and here they are:

My two older children are sleeping in the bedroom in the basement (yeah!) so they didn't wake up early.

We did have pancake cake and I did blow out the candles (even if I did make the cake and light them myself.)

Charlotte consented to taking a bath with Lee in the morning.  They stayed in there for a half hour and all I had to do was just sit there.

I got to shower for as long as I wanted because I waited until after Lee was down for a nap.

My friend Mindy came over to my house and brought lunch with her which is ten times better than what I did for her because I never had to leave my house.  Did I mention that I had a hurty red eye?

Just as lunch was done Dan came home and to prove that he has a great sense of humor he had shaved some of his facial hair off leaving only a long scraggly soul patch with thin line mustache.  It made me laugh so I think he might keep it around for a few days before shaving it off.

Mindy, to further her greatness took Greg with her to play with her boys.

Then I napped.  And napped and napped some more while Dan entertained the baby and did the dishes and hung the curtains.

I spent some time with my neighbor just chatting.  I haven't talked to her for a while and it was nice to catch up.

When I came home I needed to figure out dinner.  Keep in mind that I was supposed to go grocery shopping Monday, but then it was snowy and gross and I hate the grocery store on the best of terms.  It wasn't happening.  So I knew I'd have to be creative.

And here is where the surprise birthday present from my mother-in-law comes from the back of my freezer.  I knew I had nothing in the pantry so I went to the freezer in my futile effort to find something.  Why is it that I always think some sort of inspiration will strike from the frozen hunks in there?  I'll tell you why.  Today I discovered hearty, delicious homemade meat sauce in there.  We ended up eating a delicious dinner and all I really had to do was heat up mix up and serve things.  Happy birthday to me.

Later we had some friends come over for cake!  Cake I didn't make, or clean up after or anything.  Mindy made me a brownie and peanut butter cup cake and it was delicious and I loved it.

So there is the whole of my birthday story this year.  Sorry no photos, but did I mention the eye infection?  No photos of that are needed.


Dan's mom said...

Glad I could help you celebrate!

Mindy said...

You make me sound like a pretty amazing friend. Ha ha!

It was all fun for me (my main motivator), and I'm so happy that you got a nap.

Maggie said...

Well, I only told the truth so you must actually BE a pretty amazing friend.