Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas Gifts

It doesn't matter how many times you wash your hands or use sanitizer.  If you have to hold a sick, goopy baby on your lap for four hours while on the plane, you will get sick.  Nothing says I love you like the thoughtful Christmas virus as a gift!  I love you Mamma!

The kids and I had a lovely relaxed long weekend type visit with my parents, grandparents, and extended family.  While there Lee caught some sort of virus that seems to have spread throughout his head.

He also figured out how to stand all by himself.  But that's beside the point right now.

I got home refreshed and ready to tackle the complete overwhelming task of trying to clean, tidy-up, and organize our home.  I've been looking around and seeing a lot of small organizing tasks that I've let slide for a while.  None of the tasks seem big, but as a whole the thing feels, "too big to clean!" as Greg is fond of saying.  I woke up today ready to start.  Instead I read books, played games, built Lego things, put batteries in, and just appreciated my kids.

When I started to clean I wasn't sure where to start.  On top of that I've got Lee's virus.  It seems all my plans for tidiness will have to wait until I feel a bit more on top of things.  Oh well, I think the kids will be happier with that anyway.

I hope all of you had a great, relaxing break and are also ready to jump into the thick of it.


dad said...

Looks like we all got the same Christmas gift.

Anonymous said...

Would this help?

Apartment Therapy is hosting a New Year - January Home Cure.... they give you one simple task each day... http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/join-us-get-organized-in-2013-the-january-cure-181703

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the BUG! It seems everyone in Utah valley has this. My friend,Barbara and I couldn't go to the viewing of our friends husband. He died yesterday. I am better but she is DOWN.Today I am better. hope you feel better soon! Take it easy. The work can be done later. love